Poco a Poco – Little By Little

I’m starting to recognize a writing trend with myself… seems I go down a bunny hole post holiday season and all writing/blog/vloging comes to a halt until spring. Not that I plan it this way but, probably has something to do with me getting to the point where I just want to rest, relax and be in the moment. Also, let’s be honest the winter months here aren’t particularly motivating haha. Then spring comes along and BOOM, all I can think about is summer adventures, and how to capture and share them with all of you.

So much has happened since I last wrote here. Not necessarily big monumental things but, lots of little discoveries and shifts which is why today I wanted to talk about the little by little or Poco a Poco in life. Poco a Poco or little by little simply put, is a musical term for gradually playing a certain way (softer, louder, faster, or slower) within a piece of music and is how I would describe the past few months, things gradually shifting and changing. For an impatient person like me accepting the Poco a Poco, in what ever way it comes is a challenge. As much as I would like to have big things change (me embracing change?! yes its finally happened haha), I’m having to constantly remind myself that the pace and rhythm of the universe works in a different way.

While I know, not all changes are going to be the way I thought they’d be, or come about in the timing I might necessarily have in mind, it’s hard to keep the faith when you feel like the little things you want to happen aren’t but, other things happen instead.  Time and time again I look back and I’m starting to see that nothing big happens all at once, or how we thought it would. Poco a Poco we are lead down a path to a bigger adventure, shift or change.  All things considered I look back and can feel and see that all the little things are adding up, I remind myself life is moving along, Poco a Poco things will fall into place. One day at a time Poco a Poco.

Here and now


Poco a Poco, I’ve fallen in love with country music, line dancing and the whole country music community. Ask me anything about that up until now and I would have gave you a Never going to EVER happen haha. But, Poco a Poco I started watching Nashville (if you haven’t seen it do yourself a favour and have a little session with netflix), and then a little time passed and I met a friend who introduced me to some amazing artists. Poco a Poco I started learning about storytelling in country music and seeing how talented of performers country artists are. Poco a Poco, I fell in love with line dancing and the community and now well fast forward about 8 months not only have I got country concerts lined up for the summer, but, I’ve also written a few country songs. Who’d have thought? Everything added up, surprised me, brought someone into my life, showed me something new and Poco a Poco I’m now a self proclaimed country girl who can’t wait to get a pair of cowboy boots and find a cowboy to dance with! Somehow I let go and let the rhythm of life guide me, Poco a Poco to here and now.


I’ve also been working on building up my knee again. Working with a physiotherapist and training to become a stronger happier runner. After a few months of focus and dedication Poco a Poco I’ve trained up to running one 10k a week and am doing my first 10k race in May. Even with my injury two years ago life is still gradually moving me forward allowing me the blessing of being able to run again, and to run farther than I could before. I have to remember this wasn’t one big moment where I could all of a sudden just head out on a full 10k this all took time, Poco a Poco.


Forward looking

I’m really excited to run right into my quarter century year this May with my first 10k. I’ve finally found an area that I love in the city and am hoping I get to move there soon. New and exciting things are happening on the workfront too with shifts and changes happening in my work role. Musically I’m writing more than I ever have and finally I think a few of the songs might be worthy of sharing haha. It is my hope and feeling that come christmas next year my life looks a lot different. Amidst all of this though, I just have to constantly remind myself to let go and let the universe guide me because Poco a Poco I’ll get there, gradually things will fall into a harmonic balance and pace. The past two years haven’t been easy. Finding a path that I aspire to work to travel down hasn’t just appeared. It’s taken time to see what I want to work towards and I’m still figuring it out, but thats ok because little by little I will. I recognize now just how many little things, people, places and opportunities, are coming and going from our lives every day that bring about our future. Knowing little things shift and change every day and staying open minded to what comes our way is the key. Keep the faith and the trust that even when you get knocked down from the opportunities you thought were right, another opportunity and shift will happen and occur. Poco a Poco, little by little living, creating and discovering we’ll find our way.


Here’s to all the little things adding up.

Love and light,



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