Appy New Year 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! As you’re reading this I’m likely sleeping soundly after a fun night out with a bunch of lovely ladies. Two years ago I posted my favourite apps from the year and given how much fun I have testing and playing with new apps I wanted to do a 2016 version! Here are some Apps to ring in the New Year with. I’ve divided them up into categories below as there are just so many I’m in love with. Basically this is a list of what’s on my iPhone or iPad haha (I should mention I have ALOT of music on my devices so if an App is on there it has to be good otherwise it’s using valuable music space) .  What apps did you find in 2015 that will help you ring in the New Year and be successful in 2016?!

Health & Fitness:

Tone It Up – The Tone It Up team has kept on top of updates with this App and it’s probably the first thing I look at every morning. With 4 features : Share (picture), Love (Workouts by category), Inspire ( TIU Community, journal and check-ins), Sweat (Daily workout) this app just keeps getting better! If you’re looking to switch up your fitness routine then Karena and Katrina and Tone It Up team have got you covered. Check out their New Years Challenge with Self Magazine here.

Available on : iTunes 

Clue – This has been a lifesaver for me and keeping track of my PCOS. This period tracker App allows you to track your cycle, symptoms, and emotions throughout the month then keeps a history to help you know what your body is going through at each time of the month.

Available on: iTunes Google Play

Seconds – Need a fit timer? This one does it all. With options for HIIT, Circuit, Tabata, Round, Compound or Custom Timers you’ll be all set. Program in your workout and you’ll have the option for it to talk to you as well. This way you can put on your music and have a voice over coach to keep you on track.

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

My Fitness Pal – My favourite app for tracking food, weight and steps. I’ve used this for a few years now and it’s made it really easy to track food. You can scan items right in and create recipes for easy tracking. There are even more features if you get a subscription (for instance changing your macros) but I find even the base model is enough! Have friends in on fitness goals too? Add them as a friend and you can support each other through the app with its journaling and post function!

Available on: iTunesGoogle Play


VSCO – California based photographer, Jana Williams,  got me onto this photo editing app. If the standard Instagram filters just aren’t enough this app lets you play with just about everything from colour, to contrast, to sharpness. There are also preset filters that you can purchase.

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Rhonna – Another classic favorite, Rhonna allows you to add: text, stickers, backgrounds and borders to your pictures. Often I just use it for the beautiful fonts and adding white space around my photos but it does so much more if you want to get extra creative!

Available on: iTunes, Google Play 

InstaCollage+ – With a multitude of frames and photo stitching options this is a go to when you want to create a collage. A very expansive app, if you love collages this is the one to have (believe me I’ve tested many haha).

Available on: iTunes,  Google Plus

VidLab – My go-to video app. Automatically limits the clip import to 15seconds (perfect for Instagram posts). You can add: borders, music, text, filters and other animations to get your clip Instagram worthy in no time.

Available on: iTunes

Vimo – Such a cool way to add illustrations to your videos. Vimo offers options to add music, text, moving and stationary graphics. Kids and big kids alike will love this one.

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Shutterfly – AMAZING for creating photobooks and prints right from your iPhone or iPad.

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Ink – For sending cards at the push of a button. Just pick your design, picture and send!

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Then there are the YE ol Faithfuls:

SnapChat (I just joined this year and I’m hooked, I know a little late to the Snap party haha) & Instagram.



SpiritJunkie  – Daily affirmations, are great way to shift your mind into a positive place! Gabrielle Bernstein’s app gives you a daily affirmation, as well as the options to save affirmations and make them an alarm for each day or just keep them in your favourites for later.

Available on: iTunes

Astrostyle – I’m a bit of an astrology junkie (oops haha). It’s one of my guilty pleasures and this app has a new horoscope for each day, each week and each month from the AstroTwins Ophira and Tali Edut. I’ve found their horoscopes to be fun, positive and light hearted but also pretty accurate. You can also check out their site here.

Available on: iTunes


Amazon – I love checking out where the  best deal is so having the amazon app on my phone when shopping I can see if a book, electronic, or other product is cheaper online while in the store. Makes for some great savings.

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

Think Dirty – Do you really know what goes into your favourite beauty products? A lot of the products we consume that are labeled as good for us and the environment are greenwashed ( look it up, drives me NUTS this one). Use think dirty to scan products right in the store to see how good the are for you and the environment. I love this one so much I wrote a whole post on it here.

Available on: iTunes



Apple Music – I’m hooked on this service. I love a]Apple, and Taylor Swift, for getting streaming music right. As a semi musician myself I always want to be sure those making the music are compensated for all their beautiful efforts. While I still buy albums this is a great way to make workout playlists, or test out new albums and artists without limitations for only $10 a month.

Available through iTunes only

GuitarTuna – Guitar players this is an amazing tuner that will also help you to tune to the somewhat uncommon Drop D and other tunings as well as help you to improve your technique. This one has games for learning, a metronome and customizable tuner.

Available on: iTunes

Capo – Great for Guitar learners it’s like karaoke for guitar. Pick any song from your music library and it will tell you what chords (with chord diagrams!) to play in live time. You can up or down the speed and change the key and it automatically adjusts the chords based on the placement of the capo. This is how I started learning guitar this year and it’s been amazing! Not alway accurate on the chords but about 80% of the time it works splendidly.

Available on: iTunes

Guitar Tab Pro – Once I learned my chords I graduated to Guitar Tab Pro. There are both paid and free versions. I subscribed and can save songs for offline playing. This massive library of tabs and chords is my go to for learning new covers. The app allows you to start an auto scroll at any speed you’d like so you can just play away. It also features a tuning upgrade option (as mentioned I have GuitarTuna for this), font changes, transposing options, and chord diagrams ( just click the chord above the words for a little help).

Available on: iTunes, Google Play

APPY NEW YEAR Everyone! Cheers to the New Year and may you be a little appier with a few of these apps 😉

Love and Light,



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