Happy Holidays 2015


Happy Holiday’s!!

This year went by so quickly (I know I say that every year) but this truly has been one crazy year. I have been challenged and succeeded in things I never thought I’d even do or try. I may have been quiet on the blogging and vlogging front but behind the scenes (Check out my Instagram @AmberleaK for a better account of the year) it’s been far from quiet. As we enter December I always feel that there’s lots to reflect on, both in our internal worlds and the external one, all of which lead me to an immense amount of gratitude and compassion for the opportunities that I have received over the course of this year. After some thought I realized that most of what has come my way this year was a result of getting a little uncomfortable and embracing change.

Change is uncomfortable. Change is also constant. Challenging ourselves to change, to become better at: what we do in our day-to-day, stronger in our health and fitness, developing new skills, and putting ourselves into new situations where we can learn and grow, is not easy. I’ve always been a little adverse to change because I love getting comfortable and knowing what to expect. This year was, however, far from comfortable. In all aspects of my life I’ve found myself being challenged by new things, people and experiences. Sometimes those are were self-induced changes and other times they were things that the universe brought to me, either way it’s made for one busy, busy year.

My day-to-day had a lot of ups and downs. Between figuring out my health and navigating new roles at work the beginning of the year was a big adjustment. It seemed I was challenged by change everywhere I went. At first I was frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted, but, something in me knew that if I persevered I would learn and grow to come out a better me on the other side even when little comfortable me just wanted to stay home where it was warm and cozy and never leave. Although that was my default I knew that I couldn’t expect to bring new things, experiences and people into my life if I was hiding under the covers. So even when it got scary I, as my mom would say: pulled on my big girl pants, got out my confidence shoes and stepped out into the world.

I started challenging myself to say yes, embrace new roles,  and go out, even when I felt uncomfortable. It was scary and at first, I wanted to resist it. I kept saying no to change, fighting it, afraid that encountering change meant I was doing something wrong or that the change would somehow make my life worse. However, as I said, change is constant. You can try to resist it, but it will always be there. Change is like a shadow that never leaves. But, remember, change and challenge don’t have to be bad, even if you like where you’re at, trust that whatever you’re working through will help you to learn and grow. About halfway through this year I realized that when you are faced with change, or a challenge, a key to embracing it is to, let go of the fear and instead shift the focus to see how it will help you to learn or grow. Have gratitude for the change and what opportunities it could bring with it.

As we enter the holiday season this year I know many of you will stray from your routines, and start thinking of the changes and or challenges you’ll be facing or want to embrace for 2016. It might scare you, excite you or exhaust you just thinking about it. But know that even though change is scary, difficult at times, and far from routine, you’ll come out the other side. You may have high times, low times and limbo in between times but through the changes in your life and around you, you will be stepping even further into the best version of yourself. Take some time; reflect on what and how you’ve changed this year. Did you welcome change or resist it? How can you embrace change or make changes for 2016 that will help you to learn and grow to your fullest potential? Start small, have patience and a little faith because it will  be worth it.

Cheers to all of you’re successes, lessons learned and changes or challenges of this year. May you enjoy the Holiday season surrounded by family, friends and loved ones.

Peace, Light and Love,



2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays 2015

  1. I read through your blog report. You certainly have come into yourself this past year! Be proud. You have done well! So happy that you are happy with yourself and the growth that you have made. The report is well written. You are very inspirational and motivational as well!

    Sent from my iPad Gloria (& Ron too)☺️😊


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