Dreams for 2015

Dreaming for 2015

As you may recall I’m not one for resolutions, more just constant growth and acceptance for doing our best where we’re at. Resolutions fade but effort from loving all that you are and dreaming about where you could go or what you could become never do.

I have heard nothing but “Dream” over the past few weeks. This I’ve devised is the universe, as usual, trying to get my attention. As if this year hasn’t been enough of an experiment from a dislocated knee, trying to figure out what exactly I DO want to do for work, to weight gain and learning how to apply the tools and treatments that help me deal with my PCOS, I feel I am coming out of the dark tunnel. Oh HELLO there really is a light, haha, for the last few months and still a few days here and there I wasn’t so sure. Now more then ever I feel called to Dream bigger and to live beyond the fear and doubts. Trusting that when I put my dreams out there with a little work on my behalf they will meet me halfway.

Coming from a realistic family, who aside from telling me to follow my heart is also first to remind me that I also need to pay the bills and support myself, my brain is a trained realist. Needless to say putting trust and faith in my dreams, and myself is something new for me.

Earlier this year I was thinking about why I wasn’t happy and came to the conclusion that I thought being happy with aspects of my life I didn’t like would mean that I would scare those very things away. The catch 22 is that the fear or anger we put out there from not loving where we are at and our inability to see beyond our current circumstance only brings us more of the things we least desire.

Lets travel back to last January. There I sat in tears, off of a horrible holiday season of ice storms and power outages. I also learned that my brother was going to travel a lot in 2015, and cross off a lot of his big dreams thus far in his life. Feeling, left out and left behind like I hadn’t got to go anywhere in a while or even begun to follow my dreams (I know grass is greener syndrome ha-ha), I felt stuck in my job and my life.

My mom and dad (as well as many other friends and family) were quick to remind me of all that I have got to do with my own dreams and assured me that indeed I would not only pursue them further but yes, I too would get my turn to travel. After some coaxing (I’m quite stubborn), I focused my energy on feeling what it was like to travel to places like NYC, somewhere ocean side and to California where I could visit and meet all of the wonderful women apart of the TIU team. I dreamed about finishing my first song, and sharing my song with my family (most of whom didn’t even know I’ve been taking lessons for the past 6 years). Although I had no Idea how all this would happen, I began to dream. I also somehow knew I had to have faith that I would travel, sing, dance, love and have fun, that my dreams would bit by bit start to come true. Weather they actually would or not, at this point I realized, what did I have to loose. Then, inch by inch I loosened by grip, cast my dreams out there and let them go to faith. With this I began to counter my questioning and doubtful mind with a series of what if’s and why not’s?

Even after what I thought was giving up slightly mid 2014, I now realize the puzzle pieces were still falling into place as, just last week I listened to Joel Osteen speak about letting the dreams take over the facts. Something I now see I was able to do. In reflection I realize if I can just focus on the faith in feeling my truth, the facts of how fade into the creative ability of the universe. I know thats a mouthful so here it is again:

“By feeling my truth the facts of how fade into the creative abilities of the universe”

Just as Joel was saying, don’t worry about the facts just feel what it might be like to live that dream and if its your truth, if you can feel it right down to your very core, the universe with bring it to you in the most surprising of ways.

Now if you know me you know I love to make vision boards. I made one at the beginning of 2014. I carefully placed visuals of trips and places along with many other pictures of inspiration on my board and just spent a little time each day dreaming about what it would feel like to experience each thing I had placed there. I let go of the facts and sometimes even the very thing and just felt the feeling. Then throughout this year one by one in creative ways each of those places and so much more came into my life. On a side note I still find it funny how one week I found myself with money spent elsewhere daydreaming about the feeling of clean clothes as a result of having laundry detergent. I then got invited to a fashion show (not of the norm for me) and ended up with 16 loads worth of laundry detergent. Thank you Universe for clean clothes haha.

Dreaming is the best case of manifesting. Manifesting fear can, however also happen as I saw with the things that I put fear energy into this past year. These things showed up bigger than I anticipated throughout the year. As I don’t want to put any more energy into those things I’ll leave them be and move on to dream and make a conscious choice to be happy no matter my circumstances (I’ll take any tips on this as it’s a little trickier then I thought!). But just know that both good and bad energy can create things in your life too.

What it all comes down to though, dreams, manifesting or other wise, is knowing this: “Ask and it is given”, for better or for worse you can draw more of what ever your energy or frequency gives into the universe. So given this simple law of attraction, here I go on another path along my journey, adding yet another layer. This time its one full of magical, love, joy happiness and dreams. How will you dream for 2015? What will you call into your life?

Challenge your ego, doubts and minds with a little what if, or why not. Again what have you got to lose?

Love and Light,


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