Birthday Bliss

I love Birthday’s, another opportunity to take time to enjoy company of friends and family. A day to reflect on the year and all the things that my journey has taken me on so far. Last year I had an interesting birthday where no one could make it to be with me and I spent my Birthday alone. Not my favourite year, but, still I had some serious reflection time happening and made the best of it. This year made sure to have some fun planned! Birthdays to me have always been full of light, love, joy, music, dancing, giggles and my favourite foods! Below is my families current favourite cake, not acutely a cake but rather a slab of melon and fruit strategically cut (thanks Mom)! Watermelon is probably my favourite fruit there is. I love implementing the dessert for dinner on my birthdays rule, however am always sure to have a balance of healthy treats with some veggies!

Our Fav. Birthday Cake!

Something else I always do on my birthdays is do a little reflection. Below are my thoughts from my 22nd year.

What I have learned:

1) Stop apologizing for who your are and what beautiful gifts you possess. You are given gifts for a reason, may it be singing, dancing, cooking, picture taking, creating, building, mathematic genius, share these gifts. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed or scared of being your wonderful self. You wouldn’t be given these gifts or the opportunities to showcase them if you weren’t meant to share them!

2) Following your heart is an excellent way to live. Feel and listen then repeat. Every moment Every day. Take time outs, things take time so have patience and find the fun in between.

3) Some of your biggest downfalls will create your biggest realizations. Your stronger and more capable then you think you are, just give yourself a chance and tell that ego of yours to go for a walk!

4) Following dreams isn’t unrealistic, like your gifts and talents you wouldn’t been given a pure dream if you couldn’t accomplish it in some capacity. Even if its not in the way you think just try. Little steps all add up and dream weaving is such an incredible use of heart, soul, and time.

5) Let go and Let the universe lead the way. Know you are loved, you will be guided, just get out of your own way first.

What’s Next?

More music: preforming, writing, creating.

More time listening.

Taking in all the loving, luminous, & joyful moments that are coming my way.

Realizing I don’t need to know all the answers but just have faith that everything will come together. We are never lost, sometimes the universe just gives us a little breather in between taking steps because the next step is so magnificent that we will need all the energy we’ve got!

So for anyone else who’s birthday is today or in the near future, Happy Birthday! To everyone else may your day still be filled with love, light, joy and happiness.

Love and Light



PS- We made these Cashew Chocolate chip cookies last night to go with our dessert dinner and they were unbelievably amazing. Check out the recipe here on!

Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookie!



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