Natures Beauty

Pinecones aside, there are lots of beautiful ways to decorate your home for the holidays using natural elements you probably already have! Gather a few apples, oranges, a sewing needle, plastic needle, some thread, ribbon, and popcorn. Put on a good holiday movie or some tinsel tunes and have fun!

1. Dried fruit slice ornaments, using the plastic needle thread ribbon through your yummy dried orange and apple slices ( make sure your slices are really dried out, especially if your tree is artificial!)

2. Popcorn Cranberry Garland !! This one will need ALOT of popcorn and some cranberries ( you may want to use red beads or even dried cranberries instead on an artificial tree or if you plan on keeping these out for longer than a day).

Cranberry Garland

Has the popcorn got you hungry? check out a few fun ways to spice up your popcorn here!

My tree’s looking quite pretty now between the pinecones, fruit and popcorn garland 😀 Pretty on the tree

Be sure to show me your tree creations!




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